205 GTi

This is the story about my Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 from 1987


I bought this car back in January 2002

A year later the clutch was broken and some corrosion had appeared on both sides of the car, so a friend and i started to dismantle the car for a quick fix…. It will only take a week or two. The more we worked on the car the more rust we found.

I am almost done with the metalwork, and hopefully the car will be ready for spray paint this summer.

And while I have been over several different designs on the car, I have now decided that it’s going back to the original 205 GTi


On the next pages you can follow my work on….


Metal work

Gearbox – Dismantle, Paint and assembly

Rear Beam – rebuild

Engine Dismantle, Paint and assembly